meditation has been a part of christopher’s life since transcenental meditation became popular, after the beatles and the maharishi, as a tool to improve energy and effectiveness in working life. 

being an inveterate learner christopher went on to experience and appreciate other forms of meditation including buddhist-led meditation, zen meditation, sensation meditation and mindfulness meditation.

in  2013  christopher qualifed as a meditation teacher, with the british school of meditation.

he continues to explore meditation, in 2014 he completed the online vipassana meditation course, and in 2017 he attended the ten day vipassana course at Dhama Dipa

coastwolds meditation introduces many styles of meditation in a multi-faith / no-faith environment, free from indoctrination (other than christopher often saying how good meditation makes you feel).

creative writing is another of christopher’s passions, he holds an ma in creative writing, he has succesfully facilitated creative writing workshops in louth and lincoln for several years. 

the opportunity to merge creative writing and meditation has been explored and developed internationally in past and recent times. 

christopher, has completed the meditative writing course with jacob krueger studio, he is well placed to help you work with meditative writing in linconshire.

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